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Indiana needs to continue to build on the progress it has made over the last few years. Low taxes and minimal regulation create an atmosphere that will attract business. The government cannot create jobs, but it can foster a climate that will attract out of state businesses and promote opportunities for Hoosiers to create and grow businesses of their own.


District 37 is teaming with potential to grow and create jobs, and the economy of Indiana depends on new ways of doing business. The State of Indiana needs to continue to provide local governments with the tools it needs to attract high paying jobs.


I firmly believe education must be a top priority if Indiana is to continue growing and be competitive. An educated workforce attracts higher paying jobs and improves the per capita income of our State. This can be done by giving Hoosiers options so each of us can choose the opportunities best suited for our children. Indiana also needs to insure access to higher education through affordable and convenient trade schools and colleges.


It is imperative Indiana government continue to exercise fiscal responsibility and restraint. It must, above all else, spend within its means.

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