Growing Our Economy

Government does not create jobs. Hard working Hoosiers take risks, create jobs and grow our economy. It is government's job to foster a climate that promotes growth of business and opportunity for all.

Investing in Education

Education is priority number one for Indiana. That is best shown by the fact that education funding accounts for over half of Indiana’s general fund budget. High performing schools are the best way to insure children from all walks of life are ready to compete in a global economy.

Making Healthcare Affordable

Healthcare costs have long been too high in Indiana. This causes a significant strain on Hoosiers and hurts our economy as well. By implementing reforms to our healthcare that focus on transparency and bringing back economic competition, we can make Hoosier's healthcare costs more affordable and more understandable.

Protecting Local Communities

Indiana’s local communities are each unique with specific needs and their elected officials are closest to the people. I will work to protect our communities and insure government control remains with them.

State Leadership

I am honored and humbled to have been chosen as President Pro Tempore of the Indiana Senate by my colleagues. I intend to use that leadership role to create thoughtful and deliberate policy that creates opportunity for all Hoosiers.